Ceetak renews ISO9001:2008 approval as Quality Assurance remains fundamental to our business

LRQA logoCeetak Ltd is pleased to announce our continued ISO9001:2008 approval for the design, development and supply of dynamic and static seals.

Originally ISO approved in 1991, Quality Management has been a key part of the growth of our business. As our product range and manufacturing capacities have expanded over the years so have our in-house quality capabilities to ensure the highest of standards for our customer’s products.

When a seal design has been finalised by our Application Engineers and the product moves into the initial production stage, it is handed over to our dedicated team of Quality Assurance Engineers to control and ensure that all the necessary criteria is met depending on each customer’s requirement.

Non Contact measuring

From the prototype stage of a product through to large scale production we supply First Article Inspection Reports and material data as standard; but for more stringent market requirements we can supply PPAP documentation including Statistical Process Control, FMEA, Process Flow Diagrams, Dimensional Results, Control Plans, Part Submission Warrants and Measurement System Analysis.

We can also produce Six Sigma reporting should the requirement arise and always respond to customer queries within a strict 24 hour period.


Alongside all the documentation that is produced in conjunction with our factories, we have onsite facilities at our Bedford HQ for further inspection and Quality Control. Our equipment includes; 2 x OGP Co-ordinate measuring machines, Bareiss Hardness Tester (IRHD/Shore A/Shore M), tensile strength test, surface finish and specific gravity test machines.

Hand inspectionOur team of dedicated Quality Control Inspectors conduct visual inspections, dimensional checks and cleanliness and contamination checks in line with specific requirements.

Our manufacturing facilities have ISO9001:2008 and TS16949 approvals and our Quality Team regularly audit each location with strict controls in place to protect the consistency and quality of the products we produce.


Chris Challis, Quality Manager said “We are pleased that our ISO9001:2008 approval has been renewed again for a further 3 years taking us through to 2018. It is testament to the hard work of our QA and QC departments and the performance of the ever-evolving Quality Management System within our organisation. Because of this our customers are provided with excellent quality products and we our always striving to improve our manufacturing process and quality system to ensure this”.

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