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Profiled Die Heat (PDH)


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Ceetak’s Profiled Die Heat sealing technology is specifically suitable for non-standard shapes, such as lid sealing for tray meals, sandwich boxes or yoghurt pots.

This technology incorporates highly conductive, small-section dies that heat up to operating temperature, and cool down (when switched off) quicker than traditional heat sealing methods.

The low mass heat energy eliminates the requirement for any water cooling and consistent, reliable seals are produced due to the stable weld temperature.


Suitable Materials: all materials including standard polyethylene, laminated/lacquered heat seal paper and board products and compostable films.

PDH sealing technology characteristics: Accurate temperature control, rapid heat up & cool down, fast tool change, low maintenance, no consumable parts and suitable for all materials.

Benefits include: increased productivity and reduced downtime, consistently reliable seals, easily retrofitted, low operating costs and efficient energy consumption.

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