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Metal Seals



Ceetak metal seals are selected where the use of elastomeric seals is not possible due to application requirements. These can include; high temperatures and pressures, cryogenic temperatures, ultra high vacuum, radiation and gas permeability – particularly relevant in the demanding applications specific to the oil and gas industry.


We offer a wide range of different metal seal profiles including; O-rings, C-Rings, E-Rings, U-Rings, Wire rings, Spring-energised rings and Gas-energised rings. We also offer a unique range of seals with dynamic capabilities.

Our wide range of base materials for seal jackets and springs include various grades of stainless steel and high strength nickel alloys. Special materials are available for the most demanding of applications, including grades of heat treated Inconels to meet NACE specifications

Metal Seals are generally supplied with specialised platings and coatings in order to enhance the surface properties to create a malleable outer surface layer. Dependant on application requirements, our range of coatings include; Silver, Gold, Copper, Nickel, Indium, Tin, Lead and PTFE.


Call our Technical Sales department on 01234 832200 to discuss your Metal sealing solutions requirements.

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