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Rotary Shaft Seals

Rotary Shaft Seals

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Ceetak offer a wide range of seals for use in rotary applications; these range from traditional single or double lipped elastomeric configurations to PTFE based designs – or a combination of both.

Our rotary shaft seals are available in many different materials. Rotary shaft seals with elastomeric based lips include Nitrile (NBR), Fluorocarbon (FKM), Carboxylated Nitrile (XNBR), Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR), Ethylene Propylene (EPDM), Polyacrylate (ACM), Silicone (VMQ) and Neoprene (CR).

There are various different casings available for rotary seals; most common include carbon steel and stainless steel. Depending on application criteria, other case materials include aluminium, zinc-plated cold rolled steel and Hastelloy®. Springs in stainless steel can also be provided.


The following types of rotary seal profiles are a basic overview of our range:

Springless Profiles
Spring Loaded Profiles
Dual Spring Loaded Profiles
Medium Pressure Profiles
Cassette Seal Profiles
PTFE FlexiSeal Profiles
PTFE FlexiLip Seal Profiles
PTFE FlexiCase Seal Profiles
V-Ring Profiles
Elastomer seals with PTFE inlaid lip


Call our Technical Sales department on 01234 832200 to discuss your Rotary Shaft sealing requirements.

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